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I am making a new booking for some repeat customers.


1. Search by previous customer

2. Add lead customer and start booking.


3. How do I add in the second customer who is also a repeater (and her details are in the system) without filling in details again? 



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We struggle with this too - it means our customer database gets lots of duplicates!

The work around is to add just the lead customer to a new booking and then add the other repeat travellers to the booking once it's been made.

It would be great to add all repeat travellers correctly in the booking process


Yes, as Vicki does 

Make the booking with blank 2nd customer.  Once made delete blank customer.  Search and add your existing customer in 'customer tab'. And depending on which type of tour set up you may have 'allocate people' in the 'product tab'.

If it's a common surname, and the one you are looking for does not appear in 'add existing customer', then search name independently via customer search to obtain their customer number, go back to the booking, then add by their number, Something we now have to do more and more frequently having built up a huge customer database over the years.

Hi Vicki and Anne-Marie,

Thanks, that worked!


It is a bit cumbersome isn't it!!! It would be wonderful if there was a lookup process built into the booking process. But the customer database is liable to duplicates whatever happens - it only takes an existing customer to send an enquiry from our website (or several enquiries) to add duplicate records. 

'lookup process built into the booking process.' - That's how it was some years ago.  Was replaced by current search after booking made.  The previous way certainly worked far better for us.   


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