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Hi All,

We are a TourCMS customer, and have been for 5 years. We have been trying to get a hold of someone via the support email for a number of weeks, due to a fault with the payment system, but with no luck.

Is anyone else having this issue or can you help me make contact with them?

Our customers are suffering with this issue.....



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We have had no such issues and had a reply about a support issue only last week. Are you emailing them or logging a ticket via

Regards / Stewart

Hi Stewart,

I am emailing via support email, tried logging in to the helpdesk but not recognising my email address and password. 

Thought by posting something here they might see it and get in touch.

Thanks for your reply and help,

Cheers Euan

Hello Euan

As you know, sadly this was not a simple support question that was unanswered but something a bit more complex than that.

First one of our technology partners who runs a payment integration service fixed the issue, but that broke other clients (of theirs), so that fix was removed by them for stability reasons. We have now applied the fix to our code specifically (for your bank integration)

Should be good now, I await confirmation from yourself that it is OK

Thanks. Alex

Hi Alex, 

Thank you for working on a fix.

That is all we needed to know, silence doesn't help anyone, a simple, 'we are working on it' would have been great.

Thanks again for working this out, and we will keep you posted on how it goes.




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