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We are using sendgrid for our SMTP server within TourCMS. It seems a little extravagant giving it's another £50-60 per month. Is anyone else use it and do you feel it's worth it? Or do you use TourCMS's servers for sending emails.

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Hi Matt,

personally we are using Mandrill it is the same as sengrid but much cheaper , or even free depends on your Emails amount . you should check it out . it works great with the connection to TourCms system by API KEY . 

Thanks Artium. Will do!

Both should work

Just SendGrid gives us an idea what people are using - if we said - hey - use anything - we would have to support anything..... least with our current approach, if someone asks us a question about SendGrid, chances are we know the answer ;)

Hi Alex, I have just launched and have had several customers saying they have not received emails. I am therefore looking at sendgrid. however, I see TourCMS recommends the silver package. is there any reason for this as at 80USD per month this is a huge cost considering the number of transactions I have.

Hi Simon , 

personally we are using Mandrill it is the same as sengrid but much cheaper or even free till 12,000 emails and it connects with tourcms api the same way,

best wishes ,


Thanks Artium. Any delivery issues? I see there is option an option for dedicated IP address for 30USD per month so not sure if this is worth it - but still considerably less than sendgrid

Hi Simon, 

we are working with mandril app with 12 emails including mobile devices and outlook , it is providing full support over email and phone and no delivery failure at all .

we have 97% of delivery and we can see it all by the monitor system.

about the dedicated IP i dont know we dont use it .

Hi Artium,

Still happy with mandril? I'm looking in to signing up with them. Was setup straight forward?

We like SendGrid when it has the custom IP/DNS settings done. No experience of Mandril.

The key issue is that a lot of email that you will send will hit words that can be considered spammy (e.g. payments etc) - hence it is worth this extra effort. Although it is an extra cost (I know)

If you have an ISP providing connectivity to your office you can use their SMTP details too actually..... 

I think the silver package comes with dedicated IP and DNS settings

If you have a customer saying they didn't get a specific email, tell our support (with booking ID) and we can look it up

- whether it sent

- whether it got received

But you have to do that fairly soon (within a day or two) of you sending that email, as we delete email logs quite regularly.

Thanks. Alex

Hi Alex, 

I am just wondering if you know overall what the delivery rate is for emails sent via TourCMS. When I first started I had some issues with delivery but not significant however over the last few weeks we have had more people say they do not get emails. I am starting to rethink. 

Also curious what % of TourCMS clients actually use a service such as SendGrid / Mandrill?



A low % use services such as Sendgrid, however others have chosen to use the SMTP server provided by their own ISP (e.g. for an office or home internet connection). You should already be paying for that. 


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