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What has happened to the arrivals report?

We are getting lots of provisional bookings showing up on it with the following message 

No Payment Made


Also the numbers of guests in the bookings that are not conformed are now counted in the totals for arrival on the day.

This is a logistical nightmare for the operations team as it looks like they have way more people arriving than they do have.

Can this be returned back to how it was where the Arrivals reports only shows confirmed bookings?

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Hi Peter

Quick question (will change this based on your feedback)

Shouldn't bookings be cancelled well ahead of operational people thinking about numbers?

I mean, bookings that are still active COULD actually turn up.

Therefore wouldn't it operationally be better to ensure that there are no active bookings that are not turning up - then they won't be on the report?

Hi Alex 

We have never had a provisional booking turn up ever as they have not paid! They would also not have any details on where to meet us, what to bring etc etc as we have not sent any.

We keep them as provisional bookings as we are chasing them right up to before arrival to see if we can convert them into paid bookings. We can add people to what we do right up to a few hours before start time.

Over the years we have managed to convert a lot of these in the week before arrival especially if they are small groups.

We have the provisional bookings auto set to expire in tourcms after the arrival date so they do not stay on as provisionals

Hi Alex,

best would be to have the option to select "confirmed bookings only" or "all active bookings". Because we use the arrival report as basis for our Booking Positions, where it is important to have all active bookings in the report.

Hi Alex,

Operationally this is also a problem for us.  Previously we saw only Confirmed bookings on the arrival report.  If someone had not yet paid and was going to pay on the day, we would change their booking from Provisional to Confirmed manually and leave the balance owing (It would show up saying Balance Owing on the Arrivals Report).

Now we see Provisional (unconfirmed) bookings on the Arrivals reports, and they are also counted in the total at the bottom of the Arrivals report which makes it very confusing operationally.

Would be great to have this switched back, and then maybe have an option in the future to display Provisional Bookings in the report, but only if this option was selected.



Hey everyone, we are doing what Doris suggested, putting in a switch.......... 

Great thanks a lot.


How long before changes made? Arrived in the office today and the guides have it all wrong expecting and getting ready for more customers than we have over this coming weekend.

Any updates when this will be fixed? It is causing daily grief which is bad enough but a nightmare when controlling from different countries using freelance guides.

Hello Peter

This is fixed now for arrival reports - just rolling it out now to the 4 other reports that are of the same style (leaving, overnight, inresort, arrivals (weekly)

Its up now for all reports of the same layout style....   we have put the default back to showing confirmed bookings only, however it is possible to select to show ALL active (i.e. non cancelled) bookings, if people wish to.

Hi Alex,

its not up for Arrival summary Report. Can you check please.



The arrival summary report only ever had confirmed bookings on

Are you saying you would like to be able to see non confirmed bookings on the arrival summary report too?


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