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We need to keep track of which of our guides are scheduled to run each of tours.  It would then be great to be able to have a report at the end of the month for each guide of which days and tours they worked (essentially an invoice) so we can pay them.  Does anyone have a suggestion as to how this can be done?  Thanks,

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This would be good for us, it would need to work from a particular Tour or Activity and not the booking. It could work from the supplier or a new guide/staff database.

An excellent facility would be to have the capacity to mass or selected emails and or SMS to freelance guides with tour bookings that require staff, this would save us a huge amount of time chasing guides.

It would also attribute a staff cost and provide some nice gross profit reports...

If this was then connected via the Tour CMS API and Google Calendar API then the guides could log in to Google Calendar and see what trips are running and when they are booked in to work. This would also be a easy way to visualise a days, weeks or months bookings and tours.
I also am hungry for an option to allocate resources, especially assigning guides to tours, we manage a large number of guides who work a few hours each on an on-call basis, so the "booking" of our guides is a major undertaking for office staff. Any plans for CMS to add this? Like the above suggestions for integration with Google Clandar!
Hi Holly
I am meeting up with Jim at the Adventure Travel World Summit above - and hopefully we can come up with a solution to this that is going to be easy for people to configure!

Thanks. Alex

Hi Alex

Just a follow up on this issue.  We have recently convinced a couple of like minded walk operators to sign up to TourCMS and one of the issues that has come up during preparations is the ability to assign different resources to a tour.  This remains an important requirement.  Where did you get to on this issue?  As per my notes below on this and our original discussion, it's my view we need a resources table, with different resource types that can be allocated to a specific tour departure as a starting point. 

Appreciate the update.

Many thanks


Hi Gavin

We have a specification now that would make this work, but we haven't yet done the development

Think of it this way

Tour A & Tour B use the same bus. The bus carries 30.

You need to ensure that when you sell Tour A, that availability for Tour B reduces. If the bus is now full, don't sell anything.

Now this is a bit like a tour guide - a tour guide can be doing one thing - but not another....  so during this development, we will address the tour guide allocation issue

Did any solution get done for this? 

Or is it possible to add each guides as supplier buy assign then on a departure level?

We share the same requirement. We'd be interested in having a separate master file called 'Resources' within which you could have different types of resources (eg. guide, driver, bus, equipment, etc). Within these types would be individual guides, buses, etc. As suggested, these resources would then be planned against individual departure dates of tours (would need some sort of planner screen of all departures and all available resources by type). Not only would the trip manifest for each tour show this info, but as you say a monthly report (or user selected date range) in advance could be made to give guides their 'roster' as well as to plan vehicle logistics, etc. Conversely, at the end of a pay period (or user selected date range) a report could be run by resource (eg. guide) to feed payroll / invoice requirements for staff, equipment suppliers, etc.
Hi all,

This would be great feature for us too.
My ideal picture would be: send guid some kind of login link or report from within TourCMS. So he/she can log in and see all up to date information. When booking is updated the guide should be (automatically) posted.

Regards from busy Luit
This is a great suggestion, it would help us greatly too -to have a "Resources" file
Great idea - we also have a requirement to allocate guides and which vehicle is assigned to our tours, be able to block out one vehicle from availability if it needs a service etc. A resources tab concept would be very useful.


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