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Can anyone tell me how to format the ATOL certificate as a RTF (Word document) so that when you save it and upload to Tourcms it is under the 2mb size restriction. The ATOL certificate from the TourCMS document library is ok until you save it to the hard drive with a few minor text amends. For some reason it is shooting up the document size to 33mb or something like that. 

Has anyone successfully used the ATOL certificate on TourCMS ?


I'm using Word 2007.

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Yes - lots of people are generating ATOL certificates OK within TourCMS

However it is MS WORD that is the problem (it is a known Word bug when you resize an image in Word it becomes several megabytes of size, rather than resize OUT of Word, then bring back in again at the size you want to use it) 

I have this on my list to work out for you - I think you could be using a really old Word version - but some of the people here who have a solution are on Macs - and can't do it!

[We have this in the helpdesk too]


hi laura,

there is a microsoft fix for this issue that you can find here:

half way down the page click on the fix it icon and that should sort it.

good luck


Marvellous - thanks Martin, that's done the job 





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