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Hi everybody,

I have the following elements for an holiday package :

1 - an hotel with five seasons (two low, two medium and one high)

Prices are for single, double and triple room

2 - a rented car with four seasons (winter, low, medium and high)

Price is for a small car (first price), then there is supplement for each superior modele (I made an average price for all the seasons, to simplify !). Supplements could be added as options to the main package.

3 - an individual insurance depending on the during of the sojourn.

I created the package on Excell : There are three tables, each one depending of the during  (3 nights, 7 nights or 10 nights).

Let's take the first table for a week holiday : each line is a fixed sojourn, depending of the arrival of precise flights in our island. Total : 23 weeks. Final price is for a week, one person, two persons and the three persons (following the accommodation in single, double and triple). 

Nothing special, but I wanted to be clearest as possible.

In Tour CMS now : I chose to create a Tour, unstead of Hotel, since there are fixed dates. Am I wrong ?

Then, I put final prices for 1 person (but in double room, so price for two people divided in two), with fixed dates (so 23 times), even if there are only 11 different prices. I'm not sure how to limite then the package to two persons, but of course allowing many bookings. 

It seems that for the singe room and the triple room, I can use an option supplement for triple and discount for the single. Is it realistic ? For supplement it seems to work well, but not for a discount...

Of course, the main problem remains that in the search engine, if the client are three people, they couldn't choose three from the beginning, but after as an option for the third person. Maybe, writting and advertisement to explain that if they want a single or a triple room the have to proceed with two persons and then chhose supplement or discount. I'm not sure that it's the best way...

Well, I hope to be clear and I'm waiting some help,




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Hi Lionel,

Would be great to get some feedback from the TourCMS community on this as the setup for this is likely fairly common.

One simple way to tackle the occupancy pricing still using regular tours is to use Rate types, so you could have a "Number of people (Shared occupancy" rate and a "Number of people (Single occupancy)" rate - then on step 1 the customer just choses how many people in their party they want paying the shared rate and how many want the single rate. If the price for sharing a triple room is different you could also have a third rate for that.

Alternatively you can indeed use "Hotel" type pricing for fixed dates; this gives you much more detailed pricing plus it allows the customer to pick the exact rooms that they'd like - the downside being that configuring hotel pricing takes a bit longer than configuring tour type pricing, it's the nature of the beast. To do fixed dates just head into "Setup" for the Hotel and set the min/max/default duration all to the same amount; then if you tour is running on the same day each week you can control that using the checkboxes below, or just edit each date in dates & prices.

Hopefully you are ok with the car upgrades as Options, if not do shout.

Happy to discuss, like I say it would be great to get feedback from others on how they've approached this.


Hi Paul,


Thank you for the answer.

It seems that the second choice is better, but can i manage the different days of the week ?

I mean that :

- the three nights package is from Friday to Monday

- the weekly package is from Friday to Friday

- the 10 nights package is from Friday to Monday

So, I check Monday & Friday, and it will be ok ?

I'm not sure to understand well.






Hi Lionell

I'm afraid your have to create a Tour per package, so 3 separate in your case. You can share the same options though!

Regards, Luit


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