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Hi all

I'm writing a bridge from TourCMS to our accounting system (Kashflow). Firstly, I'd be interested in whether anyone else already has an automated process in place?

I'm working on an export/import rather than API level integration and want to have a pretty granular level of detail in the accounts. So for a package I'm starting with the booking, adding line items for all of the costs (channel crossing, race tickets, hotels etc) taking these costs off of the booking to leave that line item effectively as the margin.

I'm pretty much there but have one stumbling block - we have lots of suppliers and I can only pull the cost/sales Supplier report off one supplier at a time. Does anyone have a means of pulling these reports across all suppliers?

As mentioned above, as well as specific assistance on the issue I have, I'd also love to hear what others are doing in this space...especially Kashflow users.



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Hi Neil
We are looking at 2 systems - Kashflow and Xero - may integrate with one, both or neither. Looking at a close integration at some point in the new year.

Firstly though we have to improve the cost ledger side of TourCMS - and the analysis of the sales ledger (e.g. cashflow reporting)



Thanks Alex. I'd certainly be very interested in a Kashflow integration. we have found that offering to be spot on for us as an event based company and we'd be happy to work with you and the team to get this integration spot-on. For example, it would be important for us to get the Project and Sales Codes linked to ensure complete import into KF without causing manual editing of entries.

I can help even further if I can get an 'all suppliers' report to complete my manual bridge which will test the 'complete' integration I'm aiming for.

Hi Alex,

Wondered if you could give an update please. If there have been any developments re integration in the New Year. If you have decided to go with Kashflow or Xero - or neither. We're considering going with one of the two and would naturally choose the one that fits best with TourCMS.

Could you also let us know what's in the pipeline for the cost ledger side of TourCMS. I'm sure many will be interested to hear.

Many thanks,


Peter Sommer Travels

Hi Peter

Our current focus has been on payment gateways and dealing with 101 small things that people have been requesting. Also supplier notifications, vouchers, duplicate customers and more CRM functionality. 

Haven't quite got to thinking through the enhancements to the cost ledger yet!

Cheers. Alex

Hi  Alex

Many thanks for the note. Just to check though, have you decided between Kashflow or Xero as this will influence our decision on which one to go with.



I would also be very interested in a Kashflow integration.

Hi all,

Is Kashflow comparable to Twinfield? Anyone has any experience? Maybe more a topic for SFBO, but anyway!

Regards, Luit

I have tried most online accounting systems and have found Kashflow to be the best value and best support.

I'd agree, nothing but praise for Kashflow.

Hi all,

Only Kashflow fans out there? I hope that TourCMS will make multiple connections possible (Twinfield supports more countries). I was told that via API the exchange (import/export) has virtually no limits. So I would go for universal API solution.

Regards, Luit


Hi Alex

Just as an update, we have decided to go with Xero, will you be doing an integration with them?



Hi Alex, we are ending the season and are about to decide on our accounting system, I would love to get feedback about the decision on the possebilities for integration of the accounting systems. Any update?


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