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Hi all

I'm writing a bridge from TourCMS to our accounting system (Kashflow). Firstly, I'd be interested in whether anyone else already has an automated process in place?

I'm working on an export/import rather than API level integration and want to have a pretty granular level of detail in the accounts. So for a package I'm starting with the booking, adding line items for all of the costs (channel crossing, race tickets, hotels etc) taking these costs off of the booking to leave that line item effectively as the margin.

I'm pretty much there but have one stumbling block - we have lots of suppliers and I can only pull the cost/sales Supplier report off one supplier at a time. Does anyone have a means of pulling these reports across all suppliers?

As mentioned above, as well as specific assistance on the issue I have, I'd also love to hear what others are doing in this space...especially Kashflow users.



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Hi Laura

We should add that to the list of things that you and I ought to have a skype call about

Thanks. Alex

Hi Neil, 

We are newly signed up with TourCMS and are currently looking at our accounts options as we want to have as much automation as possible. How has your integration gone with Kashflow?



Hi Peter

Welcome to the TourCMS family. Our integration is live and functioning well - but it was a lot of custom coding to deal with our specific desires and is based on exports rather than an API (which would be fantastic but beyond the time I had to put to the project). Once we started down the road of custom code, we came up with a very specific solution based on the events we cater for.

File import into Kashflow works very well.




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