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I haven't had a response from support on this, even after multiple attempts. Anybody else suffering from a lack of communication?

I'm trying to set up a contingency back up plan, and looking for more info on how TourCMS backs up our data? If for any reason (god forbid) we needed to grab our tour data, how easy is this to do? Has anybody else set up their own system?

Any help or info would be gratefully received!



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Hi Gareth,

Best bet if you have a new query is to send a fresh email to rather than update an existing ticket, that way nothing gets missed.

TourCMS carries out regular offsite scheduled backups in addition to running a hot backup.

Customer, payment and (limited) booking data can be exported via the back office UI and in more detail via the API, product details including descriptions, images, dates and prices etc can only be accessed via the API.

Thanks for the reply Paul. I'll send a fresh email to the Palisis address as you suggest.

My concern is primarily how to back up and save product details (descriptions etc) offsite, as i cant see an obvious way to extract this data via the UI (apart from a rudimentary cut and paste job!). Is there any way to retrieve this data via an export of kinds if the API were to go down?


Product details including descriptions, images, dates and prices etc can only be exported via the API currently.

Hi Gareth,

We use the API to display dates and prices on our website. We drop it all into a database before displaying it on our website. We prefer not to pull directly from the TourCMS servers as if our servers have an issue we can resolve it more easily. The same can be done for all other information via the API and thus you have a back up of all your information.




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