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Hey Everyone,

I am very new to TourCMS so I´m sorry if this questions is a bit lame. We just recently decided to use on this system so we are still very much in the start-up fase, and of course have run into some minor issues.

Presently we are working to implement the system and I am trying to generate vouchers for a one day tour but I have absolute no luck implementing it. Hope you can help.

I am using  %start_date_display%. Other tokens in voucher like customer details, title of product etc have been implemented fine.



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Hi Jakob,

Is this in an RTF template? (rather than an email).

If so, what can happen sometimes is that the tag gets mixed in with some formatting characters which can cause TourCMS not to spot it - if the token is still in the document after you have run the template then this is likely the case.

To fix it:

- Delete the tag from your document

- Add two spaces in the gap and put your cursor inbetween those two spaces

- Add the tag again there

If that doesn't work please do contact us, letting us know which template file it is and we can take a look for you.


Hi Poul,

Thank you. It worked:-)



Since this question was raised, we now have the standard TourCMS voucher system that has a great deal more capability (in terms of tracking redemption)

Worth a look!


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