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Hi there,

I am pretty sure this question has been answered already, but I cannot seem to find it.

We like to add a promotional code which is a fixed amount. For example we hand out discount vouchers of €50 on a travel fair who are only valid for 14 days. But the promocodes in TourCMS are only in %. 

Any suggestions?

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As you say promo codes are currently percentage based rather than fixed amounts.

Other alternatives to discount tours would be loading an offer price / editing the price on the tour, or loading an Option with a negative price, however these would be available to anyone that booked, whereas a Promo code can be more secret.

Thanks Paul. That is a pitty! 

This would be a very useful development for many of us I am sure - if it is possible to implement?!?  We also need the flexibility of adding either a fixed price promo code or a percentage-based one! Can it be added to the list of future improvements?

Hi Paul,

The problem with % is that - because we cannot give away that much of our profit margin - it just does not sound like a good deal to potential booker / steady bookers. Book now and get 2% off .... :-(

All the best from Netherlands, 


Yes I totally agree with Luit. It would be great if you guys could develop this tool! (preferably before this weekend ;)) 


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