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We need to find a better way to manage our enquiries. Before considering external CRM packages, I want to make sure I have explored the full potential of TourCMS. 

If anyone can help, I would be grateful. 

1) On each enquiry, there is the ability to add a Follow-up date. I thought it would be useful for sales agents so that they can get in touch with clients to chase their quotes and/or to close enquiries that have failed. It doesn't need to be automated. However, the date passes and there is no notification or flag on our tourcms interface. Unless I am missing something. Can somebody tell me how this works? 

2) We can view a monthly enquiries summary, but we need more detail so we can track enquiries and sales activity on a daily/weekly basis. Please could you tell me how?

3) I suspect that the answer to question 2 will be to say that you can export the data into a spreadsheet. But when I do this, the data extracted includes too much information when all I need is: Date of enquiry, customer name, Status, Outcome, Value, Follow up date, Assigned to. How can I extract this data on its own?

Thanks for your help.

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Hello Laura

Great questions! 

1) The followup date - when it has passed - the row colour changes making them obvious. There IS a template you can create for enquiry followup - so you could manually come into the enquiry that is beyond its followup date, send the followup. We haven't automated it yet - as there is not sufficient logic right at the moment to check whether the customer actually has another booking in the meantime - which when humanly sent - hopefully can be checked. 

2) Er - yes - 3 !

3) Why is too much data a problem? Can't you remove it? 

Incidentally, for developers, we have a full API for searching enquiries, if that helps 

Pretty sure you should be able to do what you need in TourCMS. Delighted to tweak though, based on your feedback. Now you know the above, what specifically do you need?


Hi Alex

Thanks for your reply

1) I actually need the relevant team member to be sent an email when the follow up date arrives reminding them to follow up / email the client. Would this be possible/ complicated?

2 & 3) this is what we need as a basic function

Enquiries / summary

> select date range
> search for open /closed enquiries
> results in list (as you can do now) and a number appear at the top saying how many enquiries appear in that particular list.

Otherwise we have to count them on the screen or download which is clunky and when you do regular sales update (daily), downloading files isn't great (esp when using iPads and unsupported browsers). The quicker the process, the better we become at keeping on top of sales. Just having the number appear is (I hope ) a fairly simple update?

I will check out the Api but I think keeping enquiry data within tourcms is probably better


Any ideas Alex?



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