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Hi community

We are considering a switch from Paypal to Worldpay (or ideally the option to use either/both?).

The logjam issues have been widely documented, but I wondered if people could share their experiences generally outside of this issue.

All input gratefully received.


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Generally good, rates seem pretty fair. 

We've had problems with their admin team getting refund direct debits to be collected automatically (no issues with customer side, but they haven't managed to claim the money from our account correctly). Its taken a year for them to set a direct debit up properly and claim refunds properly. 

Plus there's the missed payments that go through fine with Worldpay/Payment Express and the customer, but don't appear in TourCMS, that still happens to a few % of transactions. 

I'm sure you'll find them cheaper than PayPal. 

Cheers, Ralph

Thanks for the insight Ralph. The missed payments piece is a bit worrying! Even 1% of transactions needing manual intervention can easily eat into fee savings. We get near perfect Paypal payments into TourCMS.

Your wording suggests this is a TourCMS issue rather than Worldpay. Is that a fair interpretation?




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