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Hi Paul,

Struggling a bit with the "Full balance due date". Standard is set at e.g. 42 days before start date in the setup. So all bookings made after that have the wrong Full balance due date (in fact past dates!). In the current situation we have to manually adjust all these bookings. Is there no way to introduce a new token for bookings made after the standard set Full balance due number of days? In most cases it will be immediate payments after these number of days have passed. 

One solution would of course be not to use the "Full balance due date" token  %balance_date_display% in the email templates but as clients tend to book late as well as early these days some logic would be appreciated.

Am I making any sense?

Regards, Luit

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Hi Luit,

On page 13, "Balance due date message", does that achieve what you want?

You can use %balance_date_display_message%  and then if the balance is either overdue or already paid, rather than the date TourCMS will output the text from Configuration & Setup > Bookings general settings

Balance overdue text  (e.g. "Due now")

Balance fully paid text ( e.g. "Fully paid")

Does that help?


yes it does, thanks, Luit

BOOM, you just solved a biggie for us. Thanks


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