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Is it possible to use ecommerce Tracking code in  Step 3 - Customer information or Step 4 - Confirm details on a tour CMS checkout for a site that books on

(e commerce tracking documentation

Ideally I need to pass the product id, product price and quantity to a script on one of these pages

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Hi Alastair,

There isn't a direct way to do that in the existing booking engine unfortunately, I would hope we would provide a more integrated approach for Google Analytics in the next version of the booking engine due later this year. 

I guess technically you may be able to do it by writing some custom code to scrape the data out of the page, but I'm not sure everything you would want is there anyway - other issues with that approach aside.



You can add JavaScript in "Tracking and Analytics" in TourCMS.

As I say, I'm not sure it's really a feasible approach, any code written would need to be rock solid and degrade gracefully if the page HTML changed without warning, and I'm not sure all the info required is displayed anyway. Likely the best approach is to wait for a future version of the booking engine with deeper out of the box integration with GA.


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