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I am probably being stupid, but can you tell me how to do this?

I sell my tour in GBP, at (say) £100 per person.

My costs are in a different currency, say US$, and are $100 for one person, and then $25 more for each additional person. My costs don't affect my selling price. I am both agent and supplier, so the costs can vary a little. 

Question is how do I load the costs into the system so they populate automatically? And then on a booking, how do I adjust the estimated costs to reflect actual?

My tours are all freesale, run every day so essentially ad hoc. (but maybe it is better to just load all 365 days of the year in the system?)

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Hi Mathew - in each tour setup - under Operations/Suppliers, you can specify which currency the supplier costs will be in (this can be changed individually in each booking later, if necessary). You may need to configure your exchange rates first and add the currencies you will be using. Then when you setup each tour's dates and prices, you can enter a date range and both the customer price and supplier cost. If as you say the supplier costs don't directly affect your selling prices, then perhaps you could just as well leave the supplier costs as zero and then fill them in later inside each booking. Otherwise put in an estimated cost, based on one or two persons. Later on, inside each booking, you can easily edit the costs and currencies under the tab 'Price detail'. 

Hope this helps!

Regards // Stewart

Hi, I have my base currency set to GBP, and have also added a currency (IDR) with both supply and sell rates.

However, when I go to add a season I only have the option to set the customer price?

Also under Operations/Suppliers I don't have any option to set the currency.

See screenshot:

I have worked out the Price Detail (previously I was looking under 'Money') so thanks for that 

I am not 100% sure - you might need to wait for Alex/Paul from TourCMS to answer this - but maybe you need to first add a currency and exchange rate for USD (assume your base currency is GBP). I don't work with creating seasons, we work with fixed date tours - so maybe that has something to do with costs not showing. Or, maybe you need also to create and configure some suppliers. 

As I mentioned - there really is no problem letting the cost setup be zero and just fixing it in every booking once you know the exact net cost. 

Also maybe look at: Configuration & setup > General tour settings -- in there you find something called Product & price types > Show costs. There is a radio button where you can his and show costs. 

That does the trick. Although I can't see how to price things on a $x + $y per person basis

Also is there a way to take off the Paypal fee from my revenue?

They charge me 2.9% + 20p per transaction (although a flat 3% is probably good enough for these purposes).

Well I don't bother with including credit card merchant costs in our setup - I guess it depends if you would be using TourCMS as a back office system to do your books (I think there are better options). Since Paypal/Visa/Mastercard is really a separate supplier it would be incorrect to include this as a cost of the tour item. You could create a Tour Option called 'Paypal fee' with the sales price set at zero (or whatever you want) and the cost price at a value equivalent to 3% but this would have to be done individually with each booking. Too much work maybe but it would give you a more accurate margin figure. But to be 100% accurate it is probably better to do this in your bookkeeping system where it matches exactly what goes in/out of your bank. Just my 2c worth


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