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Hi there,

I've submitted a number of requests regarding this issue but no one seems to have addressed the issue. When we call the API using 'from_price' for options, you would expect the lowest available price for a particular option to be displayed. What we find being returned it the current season's price instead of the lowest across all seasons.  We use the API to display option prices on our website and we only display one option price with a 'from' in front of the price, although many of our options have different prices based on seasonality. As you can imagine, with the price not being correct we are getting all kinds of confusion and complaints from our clients.

I would greatly appreciate some feedback and ultimately a solution to this issue.

Many thanks.


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Any feedback on this one?!

Another month goes by, any chance of a reply???

Hi Martin

Could you try now? (go to an option, save the price configuration page (without changing a price) (this will force a recalculation), wait a few minutes (e.g. 5) and see if the API has updated 


Thanks Alex,

Done some initial testing and it seems to working correctly now. I'll continue to test and if I see anything a miss i'll give you a shout.


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