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Hi everyone,

All the best for 2016 from the lowlands to all of you.

I have a question: does someone know a smart way to insert standard texts in TourCMS?

Is there a certain third party tool which can be used?

Thanks in advance, Luit

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Hi Luit,

Can you give an example of the type of text / where it would be used?

Hi Paul,

We use e.g. timestamp plus some standard text like the status of the reservation in the Operational note.
I found "QuickTextPaste 3.03" could be usefull but maybe there are some other tools available?

Greetings! Luit


Mac user here, sounds a bit like TextExpander maybe?

Hi Paul,

Yes that one I found too, it does more or less the same. 

Anyone else has ideas or practical knowledge of these tools? Any use? Please share.

Thanks Luit

Hi Paul,

For us Windows users: here is the windows equivalent of textExpander -> Breevy (

Nice weekend! Luit


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