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Hi colleagues,

Is anyone of you going to ITB Berlin this week? Maybe we could set up a meeting? I have some TourCMS related ideas to share. You can also send me a private notice via the forum or via my office (see:

Regards, Luit

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Dear Luit,

Unfortunately will not be in Berlin this time, but feel free to send me a message or email if you have anything to share. I am very interested in anything we can do to encourage further improvement or development of the platform. 

Kind regards // Stewart

Hi Stewart,

One of my ideas is to take part in one or more fairs as a collective. I mean sharing an exhibition stand with like minded but commercially non biting collegues. Would apply for next years seasons but for these kinds of projects an early start seems wise.

Regards, Luit 

Sounds like a nice idea Luit! I would really like to take part if we can get a few people together it would drive the cost down a bit, as these things can be pretty expensive. What shows were you thinking about? ITB and WTM or other smaller ones? I guess the main catch is how we could theme such a stand - to have various tour operators of completely different products might be a little tricky to present. Depends of course on how many people/how big a stand. So far our customer base is coming entirely from the internet, so I would need to think about printing brochures and flyers etc. Let's keep the idea flowing and see who else might be interested!

Regards / Stewart


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