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Is there a XML node to print the itinerary in API Show booking?

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I think you have to get the tour ID from the booking (there can be multiple) then do tour show to get the tour specific information

Thanks! Is it also possible to show an updated itinerary in a booking using the API/XML node? I some cases a rewrite or change the regular itinerary to make it fit for the clients.

Have you turned on the full itinerary functionality?

Configuration & Setup > Bookings general settings > Manual itinerary

That gives you a new itinerary editing (per booking) basis, which has an email / document token..... not sure its in the API though. 

Yes, I use the full functionality. For example you can have a look at booking 400442. I build a portal for my clients, where they can see there own bookings at, manage their client personal details and send notes to me. But I want also 'show' them the updated itinerary using API. Is that possible?

Not sure its in the booking API, but it probably should be 

Please send a message to including a link to this forum thread, and the change will be put into the list for consideration




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