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Hi Alex & Paul,

A few of our marketplace partners are interested in adding Misc ID's to their tracking links which works well except for their widgets.  Is there any way (or could you perhaps create one) that we can add a Misc. ID. to a widget's links?



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Hey There,

Any news on this?



I  don't believe the widgets support this right now

do you know / have an example of what the agent would use the misc ids for?

Hi Paul,

Thanks for the response.

For example, being able to see which bookings from them came through the widget or simply through a direct tracking link, or being able to place a widget on multiple pages and see the actual performance and sales for that campaign and widget.

One specific use of the second example would be an agent with a website which has individual subdomains for each of their tour guides, displaying our widget.  We would like to give each widget a Misc ID to be able to pay a portion of that commission to that specific guide, without having to create marketplace accounts for each tour guide.




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