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Dear Alex,

I seem to recall that you guys had some plans to eventually overall the web interface of the TourCMS admin page. It would be so fantastic with a responsive site or an App to be able to be able to log in on a mobile and handle bookings/enquiries etc wherever you happened to be. It is quite frustrating when you are on the go and have a new booking come in for example, but not really be able to deal with it properly until I get near a computer with internet. Of course technically it is possible to log in now with a phone and I do when necessary, but it is extremely hard to properly manage with a small screen size of a phone.

Any plans in this regard? 

Regards / Stewart

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Mobile friendly backoffice is coming (well its an ipad app)

- make bookings

- look at bookings

- check customers in (mainly for day tour companies)

- adjust prices / availability 

Sounds fantastic Alex - is there any chance it could work on an iPhone? Will you be revamping the web interface as well or just introducing an app?

Cheers / Stewart

Focus is on the app mainly at this time (ipad) and its actually an app, rather than a web service, so works on an ipad only, 

OK thanks - but if there is any way you can get an app working with an even smaller screen size like the iPhone that would be extremely helpful for those of us that do not tote around an iPad the whole time. Actually come to think of it, the new iPhone 6 has a screen resolution of 1334 ×750 - would that not be enough? Will this be able to run the app the same as an iPad? I so much hope so... it would be the perfect solution for me!!

Hi Stewart,

Initial focus is on iPad, however iPhone/iPod size devices are quite likely targets. iPhones don't have the physical space to display content in the same way as iPads, plus the way they are held & operated is different, so it does require some additional work.

The goal for the Point of Sale app is to keep the interface lean and focused rather than try replicate the entire TourCMS back office. With that in mind do register your interest on the holding page if you haven't done so already and let us know what you'd like to do with the app:

Thanks Paul - will do. I suspect that I don't need so much a point of sale solution but rather a better/more convenient access into the TourCMS back office. I need to be able to more easily get into the system on the run and from an iphone. Even the three-field login process is a slowdown because you have to find and copy/paste usernames/passwords into the mobile web browser. Then of course the web interface is too small and hard to use with a small screen. The solution would be a fully responsive design to the web interface, or an app as you say that replicates the entire TourCMS back office. I understand that would require a lot of development.  What I most need is to be able to log in from a phone and see bookings and enquiries and be able to handle them on the run. This includes notes and emails from the system, pricing changes to tours and options, registering payments etc...

1Password works great for synching / entering passwords across devices.


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