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Hi all,

Following on from the recent introduction of Timeline for users Facebook will shortly be transitioning Pages to a similar look & feel. 

The TourCMS Facebook Apps that display live content & pricing on the products & services you have loaded in TourCMS work on the new design, however there are two considerations:

  1. You can now upload a Custom Tab Image for the TourCMS apps, this custom image will be displayed at the top of your new timeline, alongside the custom name you may have already given the tab (no more TourCMS logo!). 
  2. The new design is wider, currently the design of the app does not make the best use of the new width which is something we hope to improve over the coming weeks.
If you haven't seen the new design yourself yet, just head to your page and you will be able to preview the new design, or even publish it to make it the default view for your page. Facebook will be transitioning all pages to the new design by the 30th March 2012.
We have already transitioned the TourSift Facebook page to the new design; you can see the apps working there including custom tab images.


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Does this still need TourCMS to do something after we've installed the app or does it just happen?


Hi Nick,

We need to enable your page, it used to display a nice message to page admins to contact us - however since the last Facebook update that no longer works :(

If you could fire an email to we can load a basic config for you and explain some of the options.




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