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Would i be possible to separate options in the promo codes. We, and i suspect many other companies, do not mark up options anywhere near as much as tours. At present you can only apply a blanket percentage discount to everything, options and tours. Ideally allowing two discounts to be applied, one for options and one for tours, would make promo codes far easier to use and much more useful. Failing that, the ability to excluded options from the discount applied would also help.

At the moment we have to completely reproduce a tour and remove all the options before we can make use of the promo codes. I would guess it's not that difficult to separate them out?

We've requested this one in the past but nothing implemented to date. Any idea if/when this might happen?


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or just a single amount, not a percentage. This is a planned development isn't it? Regards Luit

Please test Martin (see email I just sent you)


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