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I'm sure this has been a previous topic in the past, but it would be good to have an update from the developer team. 

We view the ability to attach booking confirmations directly from the system as PDFs as being critical. We do not want to download the word docs and save as pdfs and send from our email accounts as this isn't logged in the system. It also takes a lot longer from an efficiency perspective.

The problem with RTF documents is that most of our clients are viewing from tablets and smart phones and the RTF docs don't work or skew the information. We are also attempting to move away from Microsoft office into a google apps environment. This alone is stopping us.

We will wait for an update from you to help us decide the best way forward.

Thank you 

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I totally agree this feature would be a big improvement and is overdue. 

In addition, it would be a great thing if it were possible to somehow export tour information (including photos) via a template in either RTF or PDF format, so that we could more easily create an individual tour dossier/brochure. All the most current information ends up in TourCMS to drive the website, so it would be very helpful to be able to generate PDFs of particular tours to email etc. If PDF format is not possible, then RTF would do and then from that one could make a PDF. 


I too would love to have an export feature, for multi-day tours it is essential for clients to be able to have it all in one document they can print out if they need to.


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