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Hi Alex,

Now we all have coordinates and some additional information on tours/hotels added to TourCMS. Wouldn't it be nice to offer clients some kind of POI or GPX file to download directly to their TomTom or Garmin GPS receiver? I believe this would be a huge benefit for the clients.

Regards, Luit 

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Hi Luit,

Sounds interesting, a quick Google has turned up the following:

Do those look about right?


What would you like to add to the file? Start coordinates and name?



Hi Paul, Yes you googled a straightforward bingo! The gpx format is some kind of a trans brand format. I know that TomTom uses specific .itn files. The poi should at least contain coordinates and name but preferably some extra information (website maybe?). You can see the dowmload Regards, Luit

This is buildable using the API as it stands (or should be!) - nothing that we specifically have to build.

How do customers get this onto their Garmin in the first place? (I am not fully aware of how that works)

Is the question more about "how to find your way to the start point of the tour" - is that it?

Hi Alex,

On e.g. loads of garmin and TomTom files can be downloaded and directly uploaded to your Garmin or TomTom device. Very convenient!

The API can be used to built these kinds of downloadable files I understand. Would it be possible to organise a webinar on this specific sunject?

Regards, Luit


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