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Hi Alex, Paul and team,

I was wondering if there is any update on the Question functionality being integrated into the TourCMS Hosted Booking Engine?

As we move to a fully API based booking engine, we need to move away from the Options with Questions function as they are not included in the API.  However we also need our agents/affiliates using the hosted booking engine to be able to see the questions.

Many Thanks,


Abraham Tours

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Hi Luke,

We aim to have a new hosted booking engine soon, with support for Questions, however no firm date for that right now.

Hi Luke

If you use the "half booking engine" approach, like you currently do, then questions are on the first half, which is the section you manage. 

That would only leave the payment section pretty much in the hosted booking engine........

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the response.

We do currently use the 'half booking engine' approach but in a couple of weeks will switch to our own engine based completely on the API.  

We would then use questions entirely, but the issue is for staff made bookings (on the tourcms backend) which is around 50% of our sales, and more importantly, agents who use the tourcms booking engine.



Hi Luke

We have questions in the API, questions in the iPad app (that staff can use)...... we haven't quite got it in the backoffice yet (not had enough time) - apart from in a SUPER BASIC read only form


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