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Has anyone been through the process of generating 'responsive' enquiry forms?

Be really interested in anyone's experiences in taking the HTML generated by the form builder and enabling it for presentation on tablets and smartphones.

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Hi Neil,

In theory it should ok on mobile as-is, particularly the single column layout (with labels above the form elements) but won't make the best use of a wide screen - but will see if there's anything we can do in a generic (i.e. framework agnostic) way to improve that.

If adding to a website that uses a particular responsive framework that has special classes / markup for forms (Twitter Bootstrap does this, as does Zurb Foundation) then you would use the HTML generated by the form builder as a basis, and add on any extra classes/divs as required by the frameworks  - the builder then serves mainly to generate the correct inputs.

Hi Paul

Thanks for the reply. Would be interested in anything framework agnostic.

Another approach might be to use a form builder (for us, something like and put the TourCMS specific requirements as customisations?

I wonder if we could define specific requirements of such a tool e.g. ability to add hidden variables, ability to control attribute names in the HTML etc.


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