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I sell and give away some vouchers offline: 10% off for people who visit for the first time, up to 100% off for people who've bought a prepaid voucher for the tour.

 The standard way of applying discounts is to set up an Option with a negative sale price. So people would select the Option called "I've got a £10 off voucher", and this would be applied to the booking with a price of "-10"GBP

 Is it possible to apply option prices as a percentage of the tour sale price? So instead the option could be "I've got a 10% off voucher", which TourCMS treats as a price of -10% of tour price. And even "I've got a prepaid voucher for this tour", which applies a 100% reduction to the *tour* price, but leaves me free to carry on selling other options/upgrades.

 The benefit of a % discount instead of an absolute price discount is that the tour price varies anyway. So whilst I can just apply a "10% off" option on a £50 tour as having a price  of -5 GBP, when the tour price varies, -5 is no longer going to be 10%, and I end up with funny total prices where the customer is charged a -ve price.

 I hope that makes some sense.

 In essence I'm asking if I could have the option of selling Options at a price that is a (negative) % of the tour price. 

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Hi Will

I think it may be best to wait until we have our voucher system up and running (rather than how some people do vouchers, along the lines of how you describe)

BUT yes, in the meantime, sadly we don't have a % option either - but it is a great idea.

Ummm - let me see what we can prioritise for you.

Is there an expected time frame for when a voucher system will be available?


100% by end of July, hopefully earlier. Can't be later than July, for various reasons


Hi WiIll and Alex,

We need too the possibility of a % in the options, since the insurance for cancellation is working as a percentage of the whole amount of the package. In this case it would be as supplement and not as discount.


Hi Alex,

I was looking in to how to set up a voucher in channel management, emails, but below you mention that you are still setting up a voucher system. (I want to email/print out a voucher once the client has paid the full amount) any idea when this voucher system will be finished?



Great if you could come and add to this thread

Then we have one big list where we can see what everyone wants NOW.....

Thanks. Alex


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