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I have some instructor availability on a set of dates in the future. I could offer any of a number of different tours on these dates. Rather than loading departures on all the tours for all the dates that I am free, is there any way that multiple tours can share a set of departure availability?

Thanks for any advice, Will

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Massively on the list coming soon. Thank you for your patience. 

Any news on this? I spotted this documentation:

But can't yet see how to implement it? Ta, Will

Hi Will

Days. Days. Should be a basic version of it running this week

Hopefully the basic version works for you, but we need to get the basic up first......

thought this was coming in january/february? Massive selling point for us.....

Its on our project plan for soon. Got a bit diverted by other projects - but its imminent. 

How imminent? Weeks? Months?

June, all things being equal

Any news?

Hi Will

Its on the key list to do

It's been a year...

Hi Will

Yeah - I know. It is possible to code now (as an external developer), but we still want to build it into the core TourCMS, because it would be easier for everyone if we did it

Some of this is now live, and this page has been updated

More rules and use cases coming..... 


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