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I have some instructor availability on a set of dates in the future. I could offer any of a number of different tours on these dates. Rather than loading departures on all the tours for all the dates that I am free, is there any way that multiple tours can share a set of departure availability?

Thanks for any advice, Will

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Hi Alex I have the same problem, my guides can only do a tour per day. I need to block some tours a soon as the first booking for that day is done. It's been 3 years. Any news?

What we currently support is on this page 

Any one of those work for you?

Thanks for the help

Hi Alex

IS there a way to add more than 1 tour guide to the scenario shown below? Let´s imagine we have 6 tours and 3 guides and we would need to close sales only when 3 different tours have been booked. Thanks

Single tour guide doing private groups


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