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we use a lot the "arriving soon" section in the booking tab to see if there is work to carry out on any booking (besides setting flags, etc.) 

It would be very useful to get in the "arriving soon" tab a field or different colour  to highlight that a booking has not yet received the "Final check" from staff.

Is there a way to get this included? I know in the search tab we can get it done but it meas running queries everyday for this purpose



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If you go to bookings - advanced search - you can search by those without final check (as you say, requires manual work)

Right now the other focus is showing who has been redeemed rather than checked....... humm - let me think about this

I have never really understood how best to use the Final Check feature, since for me the purpose would be to avoid missing out on something important like sending final documents etc. There are no alerts and it is barely noticeable. It would be more useful if it could set an auto flag alert for bookings within a certain time period of departure that need attention (i.e. not checked). It would be great if the Workflow checklist could also be integrated - so that whatever checklist items are crossed off automatically create booking notes that visible on the first page you look at (i.e. deposit sent to supplier, pre-documents sent etc). And that it is impossible to 'final check' without the checklist being all completed. At the moment, you have to manually search or click on different tabs for all this which is rather prone to errors and forgetfulness!

Hi Stewart

There are alerts - if you go to the flags / alerts page - you can set up an alert "Booking final check not complete X time prior to start date"

brilliant, thanks Alex!  I will do that. 


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