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My customers would like me to split the final balance payment and send the bill to each of them. I'm sure its been asked before, whats the best way to send out payment requests for both customers?

I'm using the TourCMS hosted version of booking engine and Trust My Travel. 

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Just checked and I asked the same question January last year. Unfortunately with Trust My Travel payment gateway, the customer cant alter the payment amount, so I need to change it in TourCMS before sending.

Can anyone help?

Hi James

No obvious way of doing this at the moment. 

We DO store who paid, so if you know you have customer A, customer B on the same booking, we do store that customer A paid 100 GBP, customer B paid 150 GBP.

A really terrible way would be 

- Edit deposit value to the value customer A should pay

- Send email to customer A for deposit request

- Edit deposit value to the value customer B should pay

- Send email to customer B for deposit request

Not exactly brilliant, but if you are doing something as a one off, that can do it.

Hi James and Alex,

That is the way I do it - except that it is not necessary to change the deposit value for Customer B - just send the link for balance payment as soon as Customer A pays. 

Regards // Stewart


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