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I have quads which a customer can book either single or shared. This gives me 2 supplier costs which I can see in the dates and prices but I can only input one supplier cost on a spreadsheet. Is this right? Is there any way around this? I don't want to put in a seperate tour to do this.

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Hi Alice

Which spreadsheet? You mean the spreadsheet import?

Um yes - that might only like 1 cost entry.

Can you confirm we are talking about the same thing and we can look at fixing
Yes that's what I mean
OK, got it!

Hi there,

Is there any plan to upgrade the CSV upload to be able to include more than one supplier cost?

Eg when you add  double, solo, triple rates, and the CSV file has only one column for supplier cost, so that means we have to go into each and every tour individually and upload supplier costs into the other rates, which is very, very time consuming and almost defeats the purpose of being able to load by CSV, as we have to re-do everything.

Even being able to update mass departures, there is no area to update supplier costs there, so the only way to add in more than one supplier cost is to do it by hand.

Data format: Start date, End date, Double Room, Supplier cost, Solo Room, Triple Room, Code/Time, Block, Note

Please let me know if there is any plan to improve this part of the software. Thank you.


Hear Hear... we desperately need this feature!!  Our products being cruises typically have 5, 6, or even 10 categories - and only being able to import ONE cost from the spreadsheet import is awful. Our different currency channels take their sales prices from the Cost price - so we have to manually add in every single category cost for every departure. Please update the spreadsheet import so that it can import all the sale and cost prices!!

Regards //Stewart


I would have also a question on supplier cost too. 

We have not been using this functionality because we have handled it outside tourcms matching all booking with an associated cost. But I´d like to investigate if using Tourcms for this would ease our lives.

I however cannot see a filed to update the supplier cost using the "update multiple departure dates at once" What would be the simplest way to update the departures if a change in cost happens through the year? Updating via csv file? What would happen with departures where there is a booking made already?



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