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Team TourCMS has developed a new set of guidelines for creating top notch tour descriptions and images and to help you improve existing ones.

The Tour Quality Guidelines are designed to help get your tour content to an exceptional standard. They include advice such as how long descriptions must be, image sizes etc.

The better your tour content quality, the more likely Online Travel Agents might feature it.

They are available here:

We've created a PDF so you can download a copy to keep or send to your team, but please be aware that these guidelines may evolve. To help, we've included a version number and date at the bottom so you can always check if you have the most up-to-date copy.

Discounts on our new pricing levels are available to organisations whose tour content quality reaches 80% or above. See our pricing information for more details.

If you distribute via the TourCMS Marketplace, you can see within your account settings how many tours need such improvements.

Go to Homepage > TourCMS Marketplace and look for the 'Can be made better' column.

This highlights the number of tours which do not meet our guidelines.

Account holders can also see a percentage of high quality tours in Homepage > Billings.

Hopefully they are not just helpful now but also for future content creation!

As always, we're more than happy to receive your feedback on these guidelines and how they work for you.

Team TourCMS

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Hi Alex,

This 80% rule applies to the online tours I presume? We have a lot scaresly used or off line only tours/hotels and it would make no sence to scale all of them up to the 80% rule. 

Regards, Luit 

Correct. The tours that are in the TourCMS Marketplace, should have high quality..... but you can have many tours that you use internally, and these don't have to have high quality...... (as no one sees them except for you)

At the moment we have about 25,000 tours, of which about 8000 are distributed. 


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