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We have five staff members using Tourcms on a daily basis. Tourcms has become unreliable and buggy to the point that it is unusable and causing a lot of stress in our office. We continually get this message :

Sorry. TourCMS has experienced an error that we could not recover from.

The event has been logged and sent to an engineer for analysis.

We suggest that you login again and continue what you were doing. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Do any other members constantly get this or is it just us? Having logged the error with Tourcms support, we were told that they were doing 'maintenance' work but as it happens so often, I can't see why this would cause it to happen. 

If no one else suffers the same, I will assume it's something up with our account. 


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Hello, everyone is getting that I am afraid Laura

We are in the middle of a big database move and this has caused issues that we are dealing with. 

Sorry for the trouble. Alex


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