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Hello Marc,

Could you please just briefly update us on the current status of the upcoming developments? We here at Actief in Tsjechië and I assume lots of other TourCMS users would like to have some idea because of own agenda's, plans and developments. In especially how is the status of the new booking engine? Please make us all happy with some nice devs (be)for(e) Xmass!!

Thanks and many greetings from Nijmegen (the oldest city of the Netherlands).


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Do you remember that blog post in July 2015 that said:

Time to go back to our monthly schedule of public updates via this blog

Since then we've had two further blog posts, one about Pallisis acquisition and the other about system maintenance.

The vast majority of users (those using the hosted booking engine) get a lot of empty promises, that I've long since ignored.

Agree - I posted months ago about this and the post has been removed from the forum.

Lots of promises about updates but nothing has changed. Its frustrating as TourCMS is a great piece of software but it needs improvements.

I also agree with this post  - nothing new for months or even years that's relevant to our use of the system. Most likely to be the last year of our subscription (which isn't cheap!) unless some updates are planned and confirmed very soon.  

A new update finally from Palisis today 23 Dec. Nice to hear something, but rather short on specifics apart from the likelihood of a responsive booking engine. One sentence that caught my eye was: 'We are positioning TourCMS the same way we did with Palisis - as premium product designated for the medium and large customers within our industry'. 

- It is safe to assume that if you run a small business, especially in tours and activities, they will increase the prices, perhaps beyond reach. Are they even interested in small businesses? Did not say...

I thought the original premise for TourCMS was to offer small businesses possibilities previously only available to big companies? Their above statement could then sound very worrying to many of the smaller TourCMS customers... (how many 'medium and large' customers are there anyway?) 

Happy Christmas!

Most of the client would be categorised as small I agree, but responsive booking !!!!!!! We are cheering, Merry Christmas Luit

Honestly is anyone really surprised:

A press release is sent out (very) late in the day just before a long public holiday, so that you cant respond to directly.

News that a year after selling the company the chief has left. (He's managed the transitional period). This is standard practise after a company sale.

Forum users should read the last paragraph carefully as it applies to them, (SME's) who are the core of TourCMS. 

We are positioning TourCMS the same way we did with Palisis - as premium product designated for the medium and large customers within our industry. 

The writing was on the wall when Pallisis responded to a previous forum post asking all TourCMS subscribers to contact them by email for a personal (and private) explanation of its future plans. Pallisis didnt buy TourCMS without a plan for its future. They didnt tell you 12 months ago (in public, or in the forum), because you wouldn't like what they have to say.

TourCMS will not be actively competing in the long tail market of Tours & Activities.

Again, that is the core of Tour CMS customers, (but maybe not the core of its revenue).

Our initial focus was to strictly focus on these large customers to stabilize the situation, re-build trust while gradually adding more resources to the development team. Today we are very happy that TourCMS can serve its large customers based on trust and deliverables, which ultimately led to TourCMS recently signing a 10-year agreement with Gray Line Inc.

In plain English: We've been spent the last few years fawning over GrayLine and doing everything they ask, which has meant we've ignored our core customers.

Annoying to say the least after supporting Tourcms for 8 years. Now having to spend the Xmas break looking for a new supplier who is interested in its customers. 

Hi Peter, they have the benefit of the doubt in my view until the responsive booking engine goes live next few months. Christmas greetings Luit
I'm afraid we are not willing to give them the benefit of the doubt and will cut our losses as soon as possible in 2017. When I had a call with some 'executive assistant' from Palisis earlier this year it was obvious that they had no intention of serving TourCMS' loyal customer base of small growing businesses. Shame on Alex Bainbridge for allowing that to happen and for undermining his own legacy. Solution is simple, we will go elsewhere and watch while Palisis continues its dodgy strategy of pursuing a clutch of so called large customers while ditching all the others. Rubbish. But not entirely surprising. May be we should start a new forum topic on selecting a replacement supplier and boycotting this bobbins company/tourcms.

We think its important that TourCMS customers are able to discuss this topic and also share intelligence on areas like alternative solutions away from the public gaze. I've set up a private group on Facebook - 'TourCMS Independent User Group'. Please message me with your email address or search the group on Facebook and request to join.

My personal reading of the announcement was that there was little or no good news for small operators in there...just laying my cards on the table.

Happy Christmas everybody!


Great idea Neil!  I have sent you a friend request so you can add me.

Regards // Stewart

Thanks for joining the Facebook group Stewart. Looking forward to some interesting debates 'behind closed doors' and hope that other TourCMS users join the group; I think it will save everyone a lot of time over singular research. Cheers Neil


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