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Hello Marc,

Could you please just briefly update us on the current status of the upcoming developments? We here at Actief in Tsjechië and I assume lots of other TourCMS users would like to have some idea because of own agenda's, plans and developments. In especially how is the status of the new booking engine? Please make us all happy with some nice devs (be)for(e) Xmass!!

Thanks and many greetings from Nijmegen (the oldest city of the Netherlands).


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Request sent Neil

request sent. Definitely have had a disappointing experience over the last month.

I am also worried by the lack of small business help.  TourCMS was great before it grew too big for it's own good, bought out by even bigger guys and only undertook projects the big companies wanted.  I have been after a more customer based interface for years and although I initially it was promised as on the list I think that list has been thrown away.  I will be joining the facebook group and see what anyone manages to find.

Hi Neil,

Request sent. Can you approve me in to the Facebook grp.



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