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Hello TourCMS!

I read with great interest the earlier conversation about updates. A shame the replies have been closed on that discussion. I feel it is extremely important that TourCMS take the time as soon as possible to write down a letter to ALL of us about future plans and updates and post this to this forum!  

I share the general concern that there has been zero information lately and a long time since any major updates. There has been much written in the forum previously about various specific improvements needed - but some of these have been waiting years. 

Please someone take an hour or so to update us all - however imperfectly - so that we can all feel more reassured!

Many thanks and regards,


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Hi Stewart,

I just noticed an update! I think it is a big improvement: QUESTIONS on tours.

Lets count our blessings :-)

Regards, Luit


Documentation on that to follow, it's quite nifty.

Great to see.



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