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we are considering to use Send grid as recommended in the configuration panel. 

However, before I sign in I prefer to ask if this recommendation is still valid today and if we should expect a significant reduction with spam. 

Does this work if we send 2 emails per reservation, one to customer and one to provider?



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Hi Luis

Any email sent from your account will then route via that SMTP email service.

You can also add your own office SMTP email service if you have one (you will do). This makes emails sent from TourCMS and emails sent from you directly, unable to be differentiated.

We only label it as Sendgrid because that is tested and supported. Try your own SMTP email settings first, if you know where to find them (from your internet service provider) 

Yes - Sendgrid helps on deliverability - especially if you are sending to Hotmail a lot..... 


Hi Alex


Just to make sure I got it right. The are in tourcms admin where we should try to include our own SMTP settings is the one branded as Sendgrid (in those boxes) or somewhere else?



Yes - you can put your own SMTP settings into the Sengrid labelled boxes :)

Thanks Alex

will try that and come back to you if needed

Thing to note is IF your email stops sending, don't worry, you won't lose email (it is queued). Just unset the settings and they will go again. 


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