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I'm after some help from anyone that is successfully using the La Caixa payment gateway with the TourCMS booking engine.

  • My client has a La Caixa account all set up.
  • We have entered all the necessary details into TourCMS to set up the link.
  • When going through to make a payment (Step 5 of the booking process) we click continue.
  • The La Caixa payment page displays an error "SIS0042"
  • I have double-checked the settings within TourCMS, they are correct.
  • We have set URLs parameters to Yes (as per
  • Switching between Test Mode and Live mode makes no difference - same result.

I've been in touch with La Caxia and they say that it's an error in the signature. They even sent me a massively technical document about integrating with their system. They are asking me for the MerchantParameters which is something I don't have access to given that the integration is taken care of by TourCMS.

This all seems unnecessary.

If other TourCMS users have a La Caixa connection working correctly then it must be a setting somewhere that is incorrect.

So, can anyone help me work out where the issue lies?

Settings in TourCMS:

Settings in La Caixa:

I am genuinely at a loss so any help you can give would be great.



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