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I use:

New booking | Provisional booking | Confirmed booking #1 | Payment acknowledgement |  | Balance due | | Post-trip email #1 | 

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All those, plus 

Provisional booking chaser | Payment failed | Balance due soon | Balance overdue | Expired provisional | Supplier confirmation (Confirm) | Enquiry follow up

They work great for us and hugely speed up the sales staff's work. Only real issue is we use lots of channels for different currencies, which means there are a LOT of email templates to update if we want to make any changes. We do put slightly different things on different channel emails (eg. different bank account details) so no way round that really. 

We've still got some more thinking and work to do on making the emails work for both travel agent bookings and direct bookings. Quite hard getting your head round that mind, though the extra Confirmed booking #2 template will help. 


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