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Hi guys,

I am working on the workflow for the bookings via our -soon te be live new website - and I need some assistance from you guys.

  1. Via our new website clienst can click on the "Enquire Now" button (We don't do straight bookings as clients always like to enquire first before they make the booking).
  2. Via TourCMS you then get an INVOICE but we like this to be a QUOTE only. Where do I change the text from Invoice to Quotation? 
  3. We manually check availability and then change the booking to PROVISIONAL BOOKING. With this automatic generated email we like to send the INVOICE to the client. Is this possible? 
  4. When payment is in the Booking Status changes to CONFIRMED Includes the vouchers 

Please let me know if I can find more information about these settings etc on your website? Or any help, suggestions are more than welcome! 

Thanks a lot,


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There are a couple of key workflows here depending upon where you wish to have the conversation with your customer

a) Enquiry (as TourCMS enquiry)

b) You reply, end of conversation, call to action is send them to your website to "book" 

- OR - 

a) You take quote requests online (and via email etc)

b) You send an email to the customer with the proposed itinerary, at bottom of email is a "click to pay your deposit and confirm your booking" - so that gives them the choice of paying a deposit, or replying to the email with another question. Either way, its a nice call to action to have

Do you want "actual" invoices or are email invoices OK ?

Hi Alex,

Thanks for your feedback. We will use option 2, Take quote request online (and via email). We prefer to send the invoice as easy as possible. What do you mean by email invoices?

In addition here's my my next question:

The client has made an inquiry about a volunteer week. On top of that they like to book a tour (they get 10% discount on the tour price when combining the two). How can I get that new QUOTE on a QUOTE template?


OK so what happens then is

- set so that the new booking status is quotation 

- when the customer pays their deposit, you can auto-move the booking to provisional (and you can move to confirmed if you like) 

At any point you can add a new tour to the existing booking - and adjust the sale price to give the discount. (Its add tour - under the tour list - on the booking itself) 

I get it now, this is perfect!

When a client inquires via the website for a tour we will only ask for name, emailaddress, phone number. We like to keep the form as short as possible. 

Is there a way to send a link to the client to update the costumer information for the additional information (passport, insurance policy, etc) so we get the info straight into TourCMS?

A web designer can build a customer login thing (actually a booking update thing) - or we have been thinking of doing this for a while. Ummm

Well, you have my blessing to built it!
It will cost us a lot more money to get it customized by our webbuilder :-(

Hi Alex,

Please built such a customers update "thing". Would make us happy :-)

Regards, Luit 

Any news on this or should be start doing this manually :-( ?

We are going to build this - but it won't be in the next few weeks sadly. 

Thanks very much. That is great news!

Hi Alex, Any news on the progress?

No news quite yet - however it is on our list (29186)


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