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Hi guys,

I am working on the workflow for the bookings via our -soon te be live new website - and I need some assistance from you guys.

  1. Via our new website clienst can click on the "Enquire Now" button (We don't do straight bookings as clients always like to enquire first before they make the booking).
  2. Via TourCMS you then get an INVOICE but we like this to be a QUOTE only. Where do I change the text from Invoice to Quotation? 
  3. We manually check availability and then change the booking to PROVISIONAL BOOKING. With this automatic generated email we like to send the INVOICE to the client. Is this possible? 
  4. When payment is in the Booking Status changes to CONFIRMED Includes the vouchers 

Please let me know if I can find more information about these settings etc on your website? Or any help, suggestions are more than welcome! 

Thanks a lot,


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Any updates on the customer booking form thing?

Not yet sadly

Hi Alex, Is the new booking for live yet? Can't wait for it!


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