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February 2014 - The focus of the year ahead

2013 was a busy year for TourCMS with a major increase in suppliers using us to run their websites, their daily operations and their distribution to travel agents, hotel concierges and web affiliates. Collectively we did around 100 million USD through the system (and 2014 is looking like a 200 million USD year)

People always ask us what is our focus going forwards? It is actually quite a hard question to answer in public but here goes

Day tours &…


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April 2013 - Release note summary (last few months)

Team TourCMS has been busy making core system changes to. So busy that we have almost forgotten to write a release note for a few months saying what we have been upto!

At a very top level, the following functionality areas are new and/or vastly improved


Hotel pickups

Now able, on a tour by tour basis, set hotel pickup points. A much better approach than the previous, ad hoc, approach of using questions & answers. (Questions & answers…


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9th November - Work ongoing on descriptions, images and moving product configuration around

Variety of important changes made recently to the TourCMS system

Product configuration

* Hotel product types now hidden - although still possible to turn on hotel product types if you go to Configuration & Setup - tours general settings

* Freesale tour types (where customer selects a date) - now selectable on a tour by tour basis, but hidden by default. We still think freesale is very useful (especially for the basis of tailor-made tours) but…


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26th September - New release - many changes to tour setup and configuration

Many changes this month to TourCMS - most of which are, if you are an existing customer, well worth paying attention to.


* Agent login - on start of booking engine - now uses the TourCMS Marketplace agent login credentials not the previously configured agent usernames/passwords. This means that agents only have to remember one set of credentials for any TourCMS customer (of course you as a supplier have to have a commercial relationship with each…


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30th July 2012 - New release - big round up from last few months

We haven't announced TourCMS developments for a while but we have been hard at work tweaking, improving and changing the system - based on feedback from the 250 local tour operator customers - and our own vision.

This release note is a summary of changes made over the last few months:


* Unconfirmed bookings tab - easy to see bookings (arriving shortly) - where not yet confirmed (normal process is that this is for bookings where payments…


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9th January 2012 - New release - More tweaks to bookings management, SMS sending and Portuguese

Big roundup of many smaller changes that we have rolled out since the last release note back in November 2011.

User Interface

- Website manager renamed as Channel Manager. Websites also renamed as Channels. (As a reminder, Channels enable you to manage multiple brands or websites within a single account)

- Portuguese booking engine / customer facing documentation (we now support 20…


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6th November 2011 - New release - Tweaks and improvements everywhere

Many changes in the last month or so have gone live. Again most of these have come from your feedback and requirements - please keep it coming.

We have also been involved in a large UK project (announcement coming shortly) and that did take quite a bit of development resource time..... but now that this project is almost complete we can revert back to full time improvements including shortly more CRM functionality, more payment gateways and additional financial…


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9th September 2011 - New release - Newly enhanced API and other tweaks

Plenty of smaller changes and some massive ones since the last release note:


General small tweaks

* Can now brand the TourCMS back office in your colours and in your name

* Able to add staff users with permission to view bookings restricted by website channel (rather than previously by product filter)

* Easier to delete customers/enquiries - including a new SPAM delete mechanism for undesirable enquiries

* Able to move multiple…


Added by TourCMS team on September 9, 2011 at 12:18pm — 2 Comments

29th June 2011 - New release - Setup your own affiliate programme (and other tweaks)

Plenty of small changes made to TourCMS since the last release note....


Launch your own affiliate programme

One of the most powerful aspects of TourCMS is the distribution and marketing tools that are part of the TourCMS Marketplace. However upto this point it has been tricky to sign up your own agents quickly (for you and them).

Now you can add a sign up form…


Added by TourCMS team on June 29, 2011 at 8:53am — 3 Comments

10th April 2011 - New release - New payment gateways, new languages and tweaks everywhere

Wide ranging changes to TourCMS have been released recently. Here is a summary:


Booking engine

* 3 new languages - Chinese, Finnish, Danish

* 2 new payment gateways - Nets (Norway), Sparkassen-InternetKasse (Germany)

* Customer title now has a separate setting to name (yes, no, mandatory)

* Step 1 calendar can now be set to start on Sunday (rather than Monday). Ideal for US customers.

* Can change the text for adults,…


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24th January 2011 - New release - Booking engine tweaks, API changes, payment gateways, more tokens...

Phew big release this week.... Lots of nice new shiny functionality



* Search by grade and accommodation rating

* Change the keyword search to be an AND rather than the default OR


Tour configuration

* Copy the same description (tour/hotel) into multiple website channels quickly. Handy if you are featuring your tour/hotel on multiple channels and you want to share the same descriptions on all. Some…


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21 December 2010 - New release - Hotel pricing rules, a few bug tweaks at the start of new credit card functionality

This is the last release note of the year and it contains a bit of a mixed bag of changes and tweaks. Mainly the focus has been on changes made as a direct result of your suggestions and feedback.



* Booking name - new switch (in configuration & setup, bookings) to make the booking name come from the first tour/hotel added (rather than the last one added). Generally the default is fine (especially if you are tailor making an itinerary)…


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12th November 2010 - New release - A few tweaks here or there

A few tweaks, nothing major, however if you were waiting for any of this I expect you want to know it is now there and live :)


* New field - duration (numeric) - to work alongside the duration description field. Handy for partners who want to be able to filter and search by trip length. We had this number available via the website CMS previously but now it is also in the API.

Marketing… Continue

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29th October 2010 - New release - Facebook and some changes to outbound email

Not much to report in the latest release. Mainly this is because we continue to work on some engineering projects in order to keep the system running as best it can.

However we do have a couple of changes

Outbound email

* Add attachments to outbound emails (from advanced booking note). This is a very basic templated document sending mechanism. We have more plans - multiple documents, resend previous invoices, component specific… Continue

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19th October 2010 - New release - Many booking management tweaks

It has been a busy few weeks for us however this list of changes isn't that long this time. Most of our changes have been in making existing functionality better, easier to configure or harder to get confused by.

Tours / option setup

* Fixed % deposit value possible now for tours/options. The previous "excluded from deposit" and "included in deposit" have now been transferred to this setting - either at 0% or 100%. Obviously now you can do… Continue

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15th September 2010 - New release - Cost based pricing makes it easier to sell from a 3rd party contract

A few tweaks to announce from the last week or so...

Cost prices

You can now sell to your customers based on your loaded cost prices. You could use this to maintain a second set of prices for the same product or perhaps to make it easier to load hotel contracts and sell on a markup.

The other advantage of it is that you can load costs in any currency you like - hence now this is a means to fix prices where you maintain a fixed sale… Continue

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23rd August 2010 - New release - Setup widgets on your own website plus other tweaks

A real hotch potch of small tweaks on TourCMS this week!

API / Widgets

* Newly rewritten documentation and examples (with sample code) including two hotel live availability search examples. Now very easy to do a hotel/villa search with you just needing to buy a few hours web design services (from your own web designer) to… Continue

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12th August 2010 - New release - Changes to hotel products and a few other tweaks

Good release this week with lots of new tweaks

Hotel products

* Display infant / child ages (for a property) in the online booking engine. Can be set by the property

* Able to configure "free infants" for hotel rooms - they count as children for occupancy rules but are priced free

* New hotel price rule - 1-2 adults per person then 3rd adult, 4th adult

* Show multiple durations on step 1 of the booking engine - i.e. show 2 night,… Continue

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29th July 2010 - New release - More hotel price logic, new APIs and single occupancy rules

Lots to report in the latest release

Booking engine

* Zero priced options on step 2 of the booking engine now show their prices as blank (rather than showing zero price)

* Turn options into questions - e.g. useful for pickup points, accommodation choice, t-shirt size etc. Can be an input box or a dropdown. The customer provided answer will be added to the end of the option name so will appear in your reports / booking documentation… Continue

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14th July 2010 - New release - Agent login and other tweaks

Many tweaks to notify everyone.... all good news (hopefully!)

API, Marketplace, agents and tracking

* Tour search - products are automatically removed from the tour search API reply if they have error 404'ed more than 10 times in a row. This normally happens when you haven't set up a URL for the tour information page. Products automatically are returned again once the issue is resolved.

* Now showing… Continue

Added by TourCMS team on July 14, 2010 at 9:21am — 1 Comment

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