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TourCMS team's Blog – January 2008 Archive (5)

17th Jan - New release - More tokens and TBC bookings

The latest release (they do seem to be coming thick and fast at the moment!) includes:

More tokens

We can never tire of creating more tokens that can be used within the wordprocessing document templates and emails!

Today you now have tokens for agent information (such as name, address etc), website information (such as name, address etc). However what I think we are all more excited about is that we have launched an itinerary token that creates a nice table…


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New release 15th Jan - duration based pricing

Overnight we have completed a new release to TourCMS. It introduces a new type of pricing mechanism - duration based pricing. Now you can, if you wish, adjust dates for a particular booking component within a booking (such as car hire for example) - and the number of days car hire will automatically update. This change in duration will change the total sale price (and total cost price) for that component.

Defaults for duration pricing can be set within both the tour and option…


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10th Jan - Minor release - lots of new tokens (and a new documentation manual)

Hi all,

Last night we released the latest version of TourCMS. Changes this week have been focussed on creating new documentation tokens for use in document and email templates.

There are new tokens that can be used for invoices and we have decided to depreciate (meaning discontinue) an existing set of tokens used for extracting options into a document.

This is because that style of tokens does not support a complex booking (what we call a multi-centre booking) which has…


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2 new manuals now available (Configuration & Setup, Bookings management)

Just published our two latest manuals

Configuration & Setup

All you need to know to get up and running configuring a TourCMS account

Bookings management

One for your reservation staff - how to make and manage bookings

We have two more manuals coming out "soon" (very soon hopefully) - one on documentation setup (covering how to template emails and wordprocessing documents) and the other on web design / online booking engine…


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5th Jan 08 - Minor release (very minor)

Minor release today....

1) You can now delete multiple flags at the same time. It was recently highlighted to us that some of our power users have 5 or so pages of outstanding actions on bookings..... and that this makes it harder to stay on top of them. Anyway, this will help (as it will be quicker to delete them). We are going to have to do some more work on flags in the future

2) The link from an individual booking back to a group departure…


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