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TourCMS team's Blog – February 2008 Archive (4)

New social network for small tour operators and niche agents

Please excuse the use of the TourCMS blog to tell you about another project we have just launched - Small Fish Big Ocean.

In summary it is a social network where small tour operators and niche travel agents can meet and learn about travel ecommerce.

We are going to be publishing articles and guides to all sorts of ecommerce topics in the coming weeks and months... so please go over, take a look, and sign up for a profile (if you already have a profile on the TourCMS… Continue

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14th Feb - New release - mandatory booking fees and new city field for customers

Release gone live tonight that has changed a couple of things.

Booking fees

Previously to automatically add a mandatory booking fee to every booking received you could add an option that was "included, no removal". However some customers suggested that this wasn't really a great way of showing a fee to the user as, after all, the fee is not really an option.... Also in some countries the fee is a legal requirement.

You can still add a booking fee the… Continue

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8th Feb - New release - Component level tokens

New release gone live tonight.

The main release has been around component level tokens. These are tokens (only for RTF dcouments at this stage) that pull specific information from each booking component into a document.

This makes production of accommodation specific vouchers easier than it was previously.

Additionally we have added some supplier information tokens to both the new component tokens as well as the tour tokens. Please check the latest manual for the list of…


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3rd Feb - new release - Improved RTFs and TOPP financial reports

Minor release this weekend.....

Firstly you can now do TOPP monthly return reports. TOPP is a UK based financial protection scheme. Although this particular report has been devised specifically around TOPP returns, it will probably be useful to other customers as well. Please play with iand tell us what you think.

Secondly we have improved the RTF document system. In particular two main changes:

  • You can now add, remove and reorder booking documents yourself…

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