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5th September - New release - Agent and customer login (to online booking)

Couple of changes to the online booking engine

Firstly you can now request that either an agent or an existing customer can (or must) login at the start of the online booking process. If you make it mandatory the availability screen will not show until they are logged in.

If you want both agent and customer login then you are going to have to create two booking engines (on your same account) - go to Configuration & Setup - websites - and add a second website.

Note for the booking engine you are using for the agent login you could configure the new booking email to send to the agent (rather than the customer).

Agent and customer usernames / passwords can be extracted using tokens - so you could - in your emails - tell your customers what their login details are.

IF you want the customer login functionality to work you are going to need to turn on the CUSTOMER URL switch in the account setup. This is an added layer of protection...... yeah we know this makes it more complex - but we have had to do it this way for various reasons.

Lastly, the booking engine (and customer templates such as RTFs and emails) is now available in German.

This means the following languages are now fully supported (English - US, English - UK, English - Australian, French, German, Dutch). We are intending to add Italian, Portuguese and Spanish shortly..... (when we get time) - and some other languages to take us into new markets......

The web design manual has been updated to reflect this functionality (download from )


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Comment by Tanya Eldert on September 6, 2008 at 7:14am
I'm glad this is finally up, I've been waiting for this to get my new agents set up. I'm having trouble finding the instructions though.
Can I use this if I'm using my own website? I'm a little confused as to why I need to set up another website for agents and customers to login, or is it just customers?
If you can point me to the right place in the manual, I'll try to figure this out!

Also.. I thought you were already set up for Spanish, didn't I read that somewhere? We were hoping to get a separate site rolling in Spanish soon.

Comment by TourCMS team on September 6, 2008 at 8:08am
Hi Tanya,
There are some "basic" instructions in a new section in the web design & integration manual. For agents you turn this on in the booking engine configuration tool (either as optional or mandatory). If you go to agent manager you can setup a code (username) and password for each agent.

In terms of a second website - you can keep your "main" website (as a single website) - just in TourCMS you configure a second site..... so one can have all your settings for agent made bookings (for example confirmation email going to an agent) - and your direct booking engine emails can go to your lead customer.

Please do give us a shout if you need any help. (email best....!)

Spanish - yes we have most of that working - we need to translate about 40 words before we fully support it..... we can do that quite quickly if someone wants it!

Thanks. Alex
Comment by Tanya Eldert on September 6, 2008 at 5:29pm
Send me the words.. my partner is Peruvian and is translating everything into spanish for us too. She can do it in an hour or two.
Comment by TourCMS team on September 8, 2008 at 7:08am
Hi Tanya,
OK - thanks for the offer on the Spanish translation..... it isn't too many words - as most of the specific works are able to be configured within TourCMS anyway.

Re the booking engine - you don't need a second booking engine (website in TourCMS) unless you want both an existing customer login and an agent login.

You could have a booking engine for direct customer bookings - that has an agent login at the top of the first page. Depending upon how you configure the automated booking email(s) - they can go to either the agent or the customer - depending upon who owes the balance on the booking.

It is only if you want both agents and customers to login do you need two booking engines.
Comment by Tanya Eldert on September 8, 2008 at 7:20pm
Me again.
Thank you for the information about setting up the agent screen, I read it over. My desire is not so much for them to have to login to book a tour, but rather, see their sales and commissions after the sales.

For example, I am working with a possible affiliate, whose complaint with previous affiliates is that she could never confirm what they owed to her and how many sales were coming from her site. My hope was that I could somehow give her access just to her agent account to see the sales or customers she had?
Is something like that available at this time? Or is it being considered for the future?
Thank you.
Comment by TourCMS team on September 8, 2008 at 9:06pm
Hi Tanya,
That will be there "this year". We have been biten before when coming up with dates for developments (that are big) - but our intention is to let agents login and review bookings, commission etc.... (and undertake whatever you give your agents permission to do)

In the short term we may be able to build a button - inside TourCMS - that generates an email with a sales summary / commission report - which you can forward to your agents (upon request).

Would that be a short term fix?
Comment by Jeremy Smith on June 27, 2014 at 1:42pm

Where do I check for URL? Is this just a paid option?



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