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10th April 2011 - New release - New payment gateways, new languages and tweaks everywhere

Wide ranging changes to TourCMS have been released recently. Here is a summary:


Booking engine

* 3 new languages - Chinese, Finnish, Danish

* 2 new payment gateways - Nets (Norway), Sparkassen-InternetKasse (Germany)

* Customer title now has a separate setting to name (yes, no, mandatory)

* Step 1 calendar can now be set to start on Sunday (rather than Monday). Ideal for US customers.

* Can change the text for adults, children and infants


Product configuration

* Tour / hotel / option codes can now be upto 50 characters

* Option - can inherit the deposit rule from the associated tour/hotel (and its deposit rule)

* Option - can set a negative tour / product filter code (previously was only possible to set positively)

* Hotel - able to set to permit free infants but hide the children dropdown

* New data quality email - if we think you haven't configured a product quite correctly we will send you an automated email giving you advice as to what you could change! Do tell us what you think of them if you get one.

* Can now manually set the lead in price for a tour / hotel (if you don't like how TourCMS automatically calculates the lead in price)



* Able to make the lead customer a non-traveller (will impact the number of people on the booking)

* Can resend expired quotation / expired provisional booking email

* Upto 3 documents can now be sent at attachments on manually sent booking emails

* Made date, cancellation date now in the booking extract excel document

* Latest bookings list now shows 75, latest assigned shows 75, Quotes & provisionals list now shows 300

* Own all flags on a single booking in a single click

* Arrivals report now has component dates on (daily and weekly arrivals reports)

* Advanced reports - can order by cancellation date, can add cancellation date column

* Automated emails - can now email lead customer, cc agent (but only where agent is paying the balance). Ideal if you use affiliate style agents as they probably shouldn't be getting your customer booking emails

* Automated emails - can now email all customers on the booking. Ideal for post trip email so you can send an email requesting reviews from all customers in the group, not just the lead customer.

* Automated balance reminder emails - can now setup emails that remind the customer that their balance is over due. When combined with the email tokens to add a "pay now" link to your emails you can better automate your office by asking for actual payments automatically.

* Text search (the new label for booking name search) now searches against the booking name and all booking notes. Ideal if you are hunting for an elusive booking and only have partial information as to what it might be.

* Booking edit - the booking name edit box now accepts much longer booking name entries



* Tour search API - restrict by tour duration. i.e. if you just want 7 day tours you can find them easily now.

* New tokens %b_base_cost_price_total_nett% - Cost value of the booking (excluding tax) and %b_base_cost_price_total_inc_tax% - Including tax

* API - new Ruby and Java libraries (alongside existing .NET and PHP libraries)

* Marketplace partners can now see affiliate TourCMS accounts that they have created (where they are referring suppliers to TourCMS). They no longer can see non upgraded TourCMS accounts.

Bug fixes

* Brought back that you can refresh a credit card from Payment Express back to TourCMS (that we have previously removed!)

* Product grade no longer shows on widgets if grade is set to not applicable

* Configuration of standard emails - lead customer now selectable again ;)

* HTML used in itinerary tokens now comes out OK again (meant to be used for pre-departure information packs for example)

* First night fixed price for hotel products - issue fixed

* Fixed bug where the switch for not selling when a single night not loaded (a product loading safety precaution) wasn't quite right

* Fixed bug on single occupancy hotel setting where cost price was loaded but no sale price

* Moved the advanced tour freesale settings onto the same page as the normal tour freesale settings - so everyone can hopefully see the rate tab, regardless of your screen size

* Fixed misleading user interface where you have a local payment in the non-sale currency of the booking

* Fixed Netherlands Antillies country issues. Now have two new countries - Curacao and Saint Maarten

* %website_contact%, %website_email% now return the website contact details not the agent ones

* Addressed a speed issue on step 1 of the booking engine (hotels)

* Fixed issue in tour search API when 3 keywords provided and when joined with an AND



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